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What is involved in the Carpet Cleaning Process?

Carpets are a noticeable area in every house. It also provides warmth and comfort in the winter season. But, it faces a lot of germs, spills, and stains on its surface that are hard to remove by DIY methods at home.

Do you know what is involved in the carpet cleaning process? It begins with an initial inspection that ends up with a thorough cleaning of your carpets. Learn the whole process in detail here.

Quick Steps of Professional Carpet Cleaning Process :


To provide best service, start by detailed inspection to affected areas of your carpets. Wear all the protection instruments to avoid the spread of allergens and bacteria in you.

Vacuuming and Treatment options:

Vacuum thoroughly in all the affected areas with advanced vacuum cleaners. Then they spot a specific area who contains stains and spills. Now, decide which treatment is the best for removing your carpet stains.

Cleaning and Treatment:

Before treatment, remove all heavy things from the room. Take care of pets and kids to keep them away from cleaning equipment. Treatments are an important part of the carpet cleaning and it is why pre-inspection is necessary.

Extraction and Post Spotting:

Professionals will steam the carpets by the latest machines using hot water to rinse and wet vacuumed also. After all cleaning, they do a thorough post spotting process to remove any other stain which is still left on the carpet after treatment.


The last step is sped dry. They have special drying fans to dry the carpet. It reduces dry times and also minimizes browning and re-spotting.

End Words :

Each home has different types of carpet and professionals have better knowledge and experience to deal with it. They choose the best process and product to get the best result. By using non-toxic gentle products you will get the best carpet cleaning you have ever had.

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