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How Green Carpet Cleaning Is Beneficial For Your Carpet?

Nothing can beat the softness of carpet in summer or its warmth on your feet during winter. Whether it’s an errant cup of coffee or muddy paw prints, carpets and rugs are a magnet for such accidents.

Moreover, vacuuming the carpet can not extract all the dirt and stains out. It is always advisable to approach a professional for the best results. But, if you want to spot the stain on your own, then there are several green carpet cleaning hacks that can restore its look.

So, let’s learn here the three eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips.

Three Awesome Green Carpet Cleaning Tips 

1. Use Detergent Solution

Whether it’s your synthetic or natural fiber carpet, cleaning the stain with a solution can give you an effective result. Mix ¼ teaspoon of a translucent liquid dishwashing detergent into one cup of lukewarm water.

Never pour the solution directly on the carpet, apply the solvent with a piece of cloth. If the stain is hard, then add a few drops of vinegar with 2 cups of water, now apply on the surface.

2. Removing Oil And Grease From Carpet

Your carpet may face a spill of butter, cheese, or salad dressing that leaves oil and grease on the fiber. Ignoring such stains may damage your carpet deeply. To deal with that stain apply a small amount of green carpet solvent on a cloth.

Press the cloth on the carpet spot for a few seconds. Rinse the surface with warm water, leave it for an hour and you will notice a clean carpet soon.

Spraying carpet

3. Extracting Dirt And Mud From The Carpet

Whether it’s your commercial or residential area, carpet faces dirt and mud due to huge foot traffic. It is always important to vacuum any dry dirt as much as possible.

Dab a cloth into a solution and blot the surface after leaving it for 15 minutes. Soak the excess liquid from the surface using a sponge. Now, you can dab another cloth to remove the remaining solution once it completely dries.

Searching For Best Green Carpet Cleaning Services in Bryans Road?

Carpet’s fibers are more delicate to clean, so proper attention is always necessary. Carpets are one of the most essential parts of any home. Most of the house owners invest in carpet installation due to its rich look. However, many of you do not want to take risks with your carpet, so seeking professional help is always fruitful.

Hiring professional experts like Capitol Carpet Care always ensures you the best carpet cleaning service using green products. To get a free quote call us today at 202-968-2068For, more updates on green carpet cleaning, follow our Facebook page.

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